Capp Street Carnival

Novel by Sandra Dutton
Ages 8 & up
ISBN:  0-374-31065-3
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Eleven-year-old Mary Mae Krebs and her friends Truman and Hertz  produce a block-long, money-making carnival to benefit little Lukey, a two-year-old with a heart murmur.  But “carnival” refers also to the antics of Mary Mae and her friends, who hope to prevent the upcoming marriage of the Krebs’ boarder, Annabelle, to Mr. Leroy Cuzzens. Mary Mae’s mother thinks Leroy is a fine catch, but Mary Mae is not deceived by smooth manners and an executive position.  She lets Annabelle know, through song and action (Mary Mae plays guitar and writes her own songs) that she would be better off with another boyfriend, Earl C.

Nominated for a Flicker Tale Award
and on many "best books" lists.

Belva Jean Copenhagen tells seven stories of her life in DeSailles, Ohio, “pure true life adventure,” though she’s not averse to telling a whopper.  “I had me a Sleeping Beauty Bridal Gown . . . . and there was roses around the neck and mink fur around the wrists, and diamonds all up and down the front. . . .”  Belva Jean finds adventure in the ordinary, sneaking her baby brother Buster off to see a fire; cleverly getting herself invited to the neighbors’ Fourth of July party; listening to her granny’s folk wisdom; and learning some important lessons about communication at the downtown department store.  
Tales of Belva Jean Copenhagen

Chapter Book written and illustrated by Sandra Dutton
ISBN:  0-689-31463-9

"Like Huck Finn, taken 
from the same spunky,
outspoken mold."  
Publishers Weekly 
The Cinnamon Hen's Autumn Day

Picture book written and illustrated by Sandra Dutton
ISBN:  0-689-31414-0
The Cinnamon Hen, dressed in her red sweater and black rubber galoshes, goes outside to rake her yard, but along comes Mr. Rabbit, in his shiny red truck, and offers to do the raking for her.  “Only $3.50,” he says, “and you could go back inside.  You shouldn’t be out in this cold weather.”  But looking out the window, the Cinnamon Hen realizes how much she misses the wonderful crackle, and the way the wind scatters the leaves just as soon as she gets them into a pile.  As soon as she pays Mr. Rabbit, she grabs her rake and rushes over to her friend Mabel Squirrel’s.
Featured in "Publishers Weekly."
On many "best books for Fall" lists.
The Magic of Myrna C. Waxweather

Novel written by Sandra Dutton, Illustrated by Matthew Clark
ISBN: 0-689-31273-3
Bertha Zuchelli, the new girl at McKechnie School, finds herself hated by the other fifth graders when Mr. Klump adopts her as teacher’s pet.  She’s ignored on the playground, not invited to parties, and called on to correct the other students’ math problems.  Things only get worse when she is named Clean Plate Monitor of the principal’s new Clean Plate Club.  Fortunately, help arrives in the form of a fairy godmother.  Ex-vaudeville star Myrna C. Waxweather offers her various props—a fan, a feather boa, a camisole—but tells Bertha it’s her job to figure out how to use them.  What is their magic?  That’s what Bertha needs to discover. 
Named to "Pick of the Lists"
by "American Bookseller."
Dear Miss Perfect:  A Beast's Guide to Proper Behavior
Picture Book Written & Illustrated by Sandra Dutton
Ages 5 & Up
ISBN 978-0618-67717-7
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
April, 2007
*Starred review, Kirkus
Mary Mae and the Gospel Truth 
Novel by Sandra Dutton
ISBN 978-)-547-24966-7 
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Cover by Amy Koltun
Cover by Kelly Murphy
“Dutton sensitively navigates the sticky debate between creationism and evolution. . .”
  Publishers Weekly, Starred

“It is both a lovely coming-of-age story and a lesson in respect between religion and science.”
  School Library Journal

“Very few books for this age group tackle religious subjects as this one does, in a way that shows respect for all sides.”
  Kirkus Reviews
*Kirkus Reviews, Starred

An articulate bird named Miss Perfect serves as the advice columnist for the Beastly News in this witty collection that entertains while subtly conveying information about manners and letter-writing conventions.